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This is my rundown of the best reddit retire early communities. I write a lot about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). It’s one of my favorite topics! If you’re just here for the list, I got you! Here they are:

  • r/FireFI/RE – Financial Independence & Retiring Early
  • r/fatFIREWealth and Financial Independence/Retire Early
  • r/leanfireMinimalist Financial Independence Community
  • r/BogleheadsPassive Indexing for Lazy Long-Term Investors
  • r/financialindependencefinancial independence / early retirement
  • r/investingLose money with friends!
  • r/realestateinvestingsharing thoughts, experiences, and advice regardless of your real estate investing niche! 
  • r/FrugalFrugal Living: Waste Less-Gain More!
  • r/careerguidanceDiscuss career options, ask questions, and give advice!
  • r/minimalismAppreciate simplicity in any form.

It was tough coming up with only ten, but here was my thinking!

Group 1: Official Reddit Retire Early Communities

I’ve been following r/leanfire, r/Fire, and r/fatFIRE for years. They are all great! If you’re curious what the difference is between the three, check out my post on coast FIRE vs lean FIRE vs FIRE vs fat FIRE. I like to browse them all but you may want to just subscribe to the one that you are aiming for right now. Basically, fatFIRE can feel a little braggy if you are on your leanFIRE journey, trust me 😂.

r/financialindependence is also great, really focusing on the Financial Independence side of things!

Group 2: Sound Investing Advice

No get rich quick, no day trading. I’m very conservative with my investments. Everything I have goes into either real estate or diversified index funds. That’s why I follow r/Bogleheads, a community following the sound investment advice of John Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group. They have a great website too ( I also love r/investing for general tips and concepts.

r/realestateinvesting is definitely higher risk than index funds but it’s great to diversify your worth not just keep it all in the stock market. I love real estate because it’s a tangible investment. I can see it, touch it, live in it if I can’t find a renter 😅.

Group 3: The Tools You Need to Retire Early

Let’s face it, at the end of the day no matter how much you read about FIRE you’ll need to do 2 key things above all others. You’ll need to make more money and spend less money. It’s really that simple. That’s why I love r/careerguidance for getting the most out of your field and r/minimalism and r/Frugal for saving what you earn. That’s a killer combination!

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2 responses to “Reddit retire early communities”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Good list. I follow five of these subs – will check out some of the others (but have to stay away from fatfire for my sanity).

    A couple others that I like are r/expatFIRE and r/churning, but those are for specific niches.

    1. Jonathan Kuperman Avatar

      I have to stay away from fatfire too! 🤣

      I’ll check out these other two, thanks!

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