How To Reach Financial Independence: 9 Step Checklist

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So many people are wondering how to reach financial independence. The financial independence movement has become more prevalent in recent years. Many have realized the importance of growing their savings and investments — but becoming financially independent isn’t just about having a bunch of money in the bank. It’s about having more control over how … Read more

Financial independence planning

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Financial independence planning is the idea of getting enough money to pay your living expenses for the remainder of your life. Specifically through passive income. Meaning that, without working, your investments will generate enough money for you to survive. Making a financial plan A great approach is used in developing a good Financial Independence Plan. … Read more

How to retire early at 50

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Are you looking for ways to retire early at 50? Maybe you’re just learning about retirement now. Maybe you’ve been planning on a traditional retirement at the age of 65 but are looking to bump it up? Either way, this is the article for you! Retirement is the point in one’s life when one no … Read more

Why would you want to retire early?

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Retirement is a goal that many people strive for. However, settling for 65 as your official retirement age means missing out on years you can potentially spend living life to the fullest. Let’s look at the many reasons people want to retire early. By now you’ve probably heard of the FIRE movement! Maybe you’ve ever … Read more

6 Simple Must-Do Money Habits That Will Allow You to Retire Young

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Are you looking to retire young? Most people eventually get their act together financially, more or less. But nothing will pay greater financial benefits than Father Time. For many people, by the time they learn these essential elements of wealth building, too much time has passed, and they’re left scrambling. Begin to build these simple … Read more

What is the 4% rule?

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If you’ve been reading about F.I.R.E. for a while, you’ve probably heard about the 4% rule. But what is it exactly? Simply put, it states: You can safely withdraw 4% of your portfolio every year for infinite years. It’s essential to have a retirement calculation that works for infinite years because otherwise, financial advice would be highly dependent on: … Read more

Reddit retire early communities

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This is my rundown of the best reddit retire early communities. I write a lot about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). It’s one of my favorite topics! If you’re just here for the list, I got you! Here they are: r/Fire – FI/RE – Financial Independence & Retiring Early r/fatFIRE – Wealth and Financial Independence/Retire … Read more