A big real estate development that says paying off mortgage early on rental property

Paying Off Mortgage Early on Rental Property

Paying off mortgage early on rental property can be a game-changer. Rental properties, in general, are a great way to retire early! It’s about financial freedom, increased cash flow, and peace of mind. However, it requires a well-thought-out strategy to make it work.

Paying Off Mortgage Early


Building equity quickly is one notable benefit, paving the way for future investments. You’ll experience reduced financial stress and enjoy a noteworthy credit score boost. Plus, there could be enticing tax benefits awaiting you.


Evaluate your financial health and ensure you have an emergency fund. Compare the mortgage interest rate against potential returns from other investments. Be mindful of tax implications and any prepayment penalties.


  1. Extra Payments:
    • Consider making an additional mortgage payment annually.
    • Allocate bonuses or tax refunds towards your mortgage.
  2. Refinancing:
    • A lower interest rate can accelerate mortgage payoff.
    • Refinancing to a shorter loan term can save interest.
  3. Rental Income Optimization:
    • Enhance your property to justify higher rental rates.
    • Efficient management reduces expenses, boosting your income.
  4. Bi-weekly Payment Plan:
    • Split your monthly payment into bi-weekly installments.
    • This results in one extra payment annually.
  5. Lump-Sum Payments:
    • Lump-sum payments directly lower the principal amount.
    • This strategy can significantly shorten your loan term.
  6. Utilizing a Mortgage Offset Account:
    • A mortgage offset account can save interest.
    • It’s an intelligent way to use savings effectively.

Case Studies

  1. Selling Rental Property to Pay Off Debts:
    • Valerie was posed with a decision when she considered selling her rental cabin. The sale was projected to net her about $388,000. At the time, she had a home mortgage balance of $200,000 and other debts of nearly $50,000. Financial advisor Dave Ramsey suggested that she utilize the proceeds from the sale to clear her home mortgage and other debts. The strategy aimed at creating a debt-free situation, subsequently saving towards purchasing another rental property, but this time, making a cash purchase. This case was highlighted on KTAR.com.
  2. Investing Towards Mortgage Payoff:
    • A widow received a substantial life insurance settlement and contemplated using it to pay off her house mortgage. However, financial planners advised a different approach. They suggested investing the payoff amount in a municipal bond ladder, which yielded about 4.5%. This setup ensured the funds were readily available to clear the mortgage whenever she needed, offering financial and emotional security. Over the years, the strategy proved effective, providing her with a safety net, and ultimately, the mortgage was paid off. Lawrence Financial Planning shares this scenario.

These case studies exhibit the diverse strategies and financial considerations individuals face when considering paying off a mortgage early on a rental property or their primary residence. Each scenario underscores the importance of a well-thought-out plan catering to personal financial circumstances and long-term goals.


Paying off a mortgage early on a rental property is achievable with the right strategies. Reflect on your financial situation, explore the mentioned tactics, and move closer to financial freedom.

Have you tried any of these strategies? Share your experiences in the comments below. Are you looking for more guidance? Reach out for a personalized consultation or explore the numerous resources available on our website.





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