Why would you want to retire early?

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Retirement is a goal that many people strive for. However, settling for 65 as your official retirement age means missing out on years you can potentially spend living life to the fullest. Let’s look at the many reasons people want to retire early. By now you’ve probably heard of the FIRE movement! Maybe you’ve ever … Read more

6 Simple Must-Do Money Habits That Will Allow You to Retire Young

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Are you looking to retire young? Most people eventually get their act together financially, more or less. But nothing will pay greater financial benefits than Father Time. For many people, by the time they learn these essential elements of wealth building, too much time has passed, and they’re left scrambling. Begin to build these simple … Read more

Why your 401k is a scam

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Are you wondering if your 401k is a scam? It’s not. But it’s also not the gold standard path to retirement, so many of us are told! There are a lot of pros and some fascinating cons to investing your money in a 401k. Let’s dive in! What is a 401k? Let’s get in a … Read more

Just write the damn thing.

Just write the damn thing

Starting a new blog is hard. It isn’t easy to motivate when you feel like you are screaming into the empty abyss. I know I should be spending my time on search engine optimization, marketing, social media, and outreach, but those things don’t interest me as much as writing. So I decided to say “screw … Read more

Can we talk about FIRE ethically?

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I spent a long time on Instagram and Twitter this morning setting up my new accounts. I created the account, added a profile pic, and then went looking for some other financial independence or early retirement accounts to follow. I’m @livefreemoney on Twitter and @live.freemoney on Instagram, by the way! I started reading the posts … Read more

What is the 4% rule?

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If you’ve been reading about F.I.R.E. for a while, you’ve probably heard about the 4% rule. But what is it exactly? Simply put, it states: You can safely withdraw 4% of your portfolio every year for infinite years. It’s essential to have a retirement calculation that works for infinite years because otherwise, financial advice would be highly dependent on: … Read more

Your Money or Your Life Giveaway

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Hi friends! I’m giving away a copy of Your Money or Your Life below to celebrate the launch of my new blog. There is absolutely no purchase necessary. You can check out the book here or enter below to win a free copy! https://www.amazon.com/Your-Money-Life-Transforming-Relationship/dp/0143115766