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5 Reasons to Quit Your Job Without a New One in Sight

It’s a scary thought. What if you quit your current job without another one lined up? Do you have enough money? How long could you make it? Will it be easy to find a new job when you’re ready? What will you do with all of your free time? Here are five reasons you should quit your job today, even if you don’t have another one lined up!

5 reasons you should quit your job today

  1. No more commuting! Think about all the time you’ll save not having to commute to and from work every day.
  2. Sleep in, read a book, do what you want when you want!
  3. Spend more time with your family and friends.
  4. Make memories that will last a lifetime by traveling the world or going on adventures.
  5. Live life without constantly worrying about work deadlines and project due dates.

These are just five reasons why quitting your job today is a good idea no matter where else things stand in life right now! What’s holding you back from giving it a try? Need more convincing? Read this article about why people want to retire early!

How to be able to quit your job?

Obviously, not everyone can just up and quit today. You need to free up enough money for an emergency fund so if anything bad happens you’re covered financially. However, saving up an emergency fund might not be as hard as you think!

What is an emergency fund?

When people talk about emergency funds, they usually mean saving an amount of money that you could feasibly live off for three to six months if you had to. You might think that making less money means it will be harder to create an emergency fund. However, it’s not the amount of money you make that matters; what really matters is how much your expenses are.

How long does it take?

The next step towards quitting without a new job lined up would be to start preparing for emergencies before they happen so you don’t have to worry about them while unemployed. The best way to get started is to calculate the cost of your essential expenses. Your rent or mortgage, minimal food, any bills you have that would be tough to get rid of. Figure out a monthly total, make it as minimal as possible! Could you go three months without your own cable internet? Do you really need all of those streaming services? Remember, this is preparing for a worst-case scenario.

Next, take that number and modify it by three (or six if you want to be extra safe!) That’s your emergency fund.

What is a high yield savings account?

A high yield savings account is an investment that pays a higher interest rate than most traditional savings accounts. Some of the companies that offer high yield savings accounts are Betterment, ally and Fidelity.

How easy will it be to get another job?

Many people are afraid that if they take an extended amount of time off, they won’t be able to find a new job! That simply isn’t true.

According to research, the number of unemployed people in 2015 was lower than it had been at any point since 2007. However, there are still jobs available for those who want them!

If you’re worried about not being able to find a job after quitting your current one without another lined up, don’t be! There will always be opportunities out there; you just have to look for them.

What’s stopping you from quitting?

So, what’s stopping you? Are you afraid of not being able to find a new job? Do you not have enough money saved up? Does it just sound like an unrealistic thing to be able to do?

Well, don’t let these things get in the way of your dreams! Quit today and start living life to its fullest potential.

You can do it!






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